Headlight repair

Headlight Polishing
glass headlight lens Replacement
protection film installation
Removing and setting headlights
from 25 €
from 100 €
from 40 €
Determining the cause of fogging headlights - headlight test (headlights in hand)
from 25 €
from 30 €
the headlight housing repair / headlight housing fixing repair
from 25 €
* The cost of the work depends on the brand of the machine and the complexity of its implementation. Before starting work, we will make you a personal price offer.
The price of headlight fogging removal depends entirely on the cause of the problem:
  • Headlight seal broken;
  • Cracked headlight glass;
  • Caps for chanding headlight bulds do not hold;
  • Crack in headlight housing.
Personal price offer.
Personal price offer.
Headlight tuning:
1. Replacing standard modules with improved ones.
2. Installation of Bi-LED modules or Xenon modules.
3. Improving light by cleaning the headlight, polishing the glass, selecting bulbs that are more suitable for your car.
4. Changing the colour of the inner surface of the headlight.
5. LED Bar Installing.
Didn't find your headlight problem?
Send your request for headlight repair or tuning, by calling 55 31 220 or leaving a request Online. We will find a solution to your issue.

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